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6D Labs

Our 365 Day Fully Functional Units of SOIL focusing on Disruptive Deep-Tech Innovation and Global Problem Solving per Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs-2030 ) defined by United Nations.

The Central Hub for Disruptive Thinking and Creation at SOIL Campus.

Creating New Experiences with Newest, Latest and Relevant Elements that Evoke, Elevate or Evade Human Emotions at scale.


Neo-Product Experimentation (NPE) Hub.

Partner Proposal:

Our Focus

Creating Time-Relevant and Consumable Product Xperiences across the Life Streams.

How to Join?

Through any of the mentioned Streams

  • Create-to-Learn (GPS, PUPS)

  • Work-to-Learn (Internships, Fellowships & Scholarships)

Research Areas

The SaaS factor: Six ways to drive growth by building new SaaS businesses

Software as a service (SaaS) can be an impressive source of revenue growth for nontech companies that follow these six key principles...

Courtesy : McKinsey & Company

6D Solution for
Basic Education

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How much AI ?
For Enterprise

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