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Sculpting Minds, Shaping Futures

In a world rapidly being redefined by technology and global challenges, skills and competencies are evolving at an unprecedented rate.


Every learner, whether a student, a professional, or a life-long enthusiast, yearns for a framework that's not just contemporary but also enduring.


Enter 6D.Thinking, a pioneering training methodology that promises not just information but transformation.

Understanding the 6Ds

Before diving into the efficacy of the 6D.Thinking program, it's crucial to understand its essence.


The program is rooted in six phases: Discover, Define, Design, Derive, Develop, and Deliver. This sequence encourages learners to approach problems holistically, starting from initial curiosity to the final execution of a solution

Instilling Skills Through Structure

One of the distinguishing features of 6D.Thinking is its structured approach. Each phase is intricately designed to hone a particular set of skills. 

  • Discover: Fuels curiosity, enhancing research and questioning skills.

  • Define: Refines clarity and focus, teaching learners to set clear objectives.

  • Design: Boosts creativity, urging learners to map out innovative solutions.

  • Derive: Encourages analytical thinking by asking participants to review their ideas critically.

  • Develop: Fosters resilience and adaptability, pushing learners to iterate and improve.

  • Deliver: Cultivates a result-oriented mindset, ensuring ideas are executed and feedback is taken constructively.

Tools that Transcend Traditional Teaching

What makes 6D.Thinking exceptionally transformative are its proprietary tools.


These tools are designed to enhance metacognitive abilities, enabling learners to think about their thinking. It's this introspection that helps internalize learnings and facilitates the real-world application of concepts.


Case in Point

Consider a teenager, Anita, who attended a 6D.Thinking workshop. Before, she struggled with conceptualizing ideas for her school projects.


Post-training, equipped with the 6D.Thinking, she could dissect problems, relate them to real-world emotions, experiences, and elements, and come up with solutions that were both innovative and impactful. Her newfound ability to 'time travel' allowed her to evaluate her ideas from past, present, and future perspectives, ensuring they were well-rounded and feasible.


More than Just Knowledge – A Lifelong Competency

Beyond just skill development, 6D.Thinking ensures improving meta-cognition.


It's not about what learners know but how they apply it. By simulating real-world scenarios during training, the program ensures that each learner is equipped to tackle challenges head-on, whether in their personal, professional, or social lives.

In Conclusion

6D.Thinking isn't just another training program; it's a paradigm shift. It acknowledges the changing skill needs of the modern world and addresses them proactively. In doing so, it molds minds that are not just well-informed but also well-equipped, transforming every learner into a beacon of competence and creativity. 

So, for those looking to not just navigate but thrive in this ever-evolving world, diving into the 6Ds might just be the game-changer you've been waiting for.

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