AI Product Design

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Is AI only a Tech Career? Is AI only for Engineers? is AI only for IT Folks?​

Can a Biologist or Economist or Lawyer or Electrical Engineer learn AI? Is there Career Options for non-tech folks in AI?​

Are there no-coding careers in AI? Is it mandatory to have coding proficiency?​

These are the questions that run in most of the young minds and experienced professionals.


The 6D's of Product Design

No Code vs Code Based AI Jobs

Why Companies need AI Talent?

What Jobs are waiting across the Globe in AI?

90 Mins Career Clarity and Planning Workshop


Clarity on Product Management
Landscape Careers and Opportunities
Product Manager Mindset
6D's of Idea to Product Journey
Planning and Roadmap for a Product


Every session will be hosted by speakers and mentors who are all AI Power Practitioners, Industry Leaders, and Futurists, enabling AI-Powered Solutions to the Industry.