Our Journey

SOIL is the brainchild concept of Mr. Srikanth Talluri, who always wanted to get involved in such an ecosystem in his teens to try, experiment and push his ideas into the world.

For almost 2 decades, his search landed him in discrete campuses and teams around the globe.

As the world progressed towards the large-scale digital adoption in the last decade, he wanted to connect all these best places and people together and weave an experience that could help accelerate the co-creation of our Digital Future.

He strongly believes teenagers have strong abilities to sense the change, guts to bring the change and lead the innovation without the fear of failure.

For about 2 years, he had spent time with theto create the Venture Based Learning Methodology - an Unstructured way of Mastering Innovation - thus creating Venture Creators and Venture Orchestrators.

SOIL is the result of all these years of his dreams and a strong commitment to creating a global platform for teens - who are the future Innovators and Leaders.


" Cultivating Disruptive Innovators & Leaders "


" 200,000 Hi-Value Talent by 2025. "