Mr. Srikanth Talluri ( Founder, Chairman)

Srikanth Talluri

Chairman, Founder

Mr. Srikanth Talluri, is the Global Educational Leader acclaimed and awarded on the International front for his Transformative Educational Models, Pedagogy and Curriculum Design relevant to the 21st Century Careers and Life.

His Mission 200 Startups, strong push towards Venture Based Learning and Create-to-Learn models are widely popular. He believes Invention and Innovation mindset has to be a part of our young minds and has to be embedded into the DNA.

IN-CUBE, S.TAL, AI Journal, Ask Anjlee and SOIL are his Education and Entrepreneurial Masterpieces carefully being carved keeping the 21st century careers, growth and life altogether.

Fostering Intelligence, Transforming Education



SOIL is the brainchild concept of  Mr. Srikanth Talluri (Founder) who always wanted to get involved in such an ecosystem in his teens where he can try, experiment, fail, struggle and push his ideas into the world.

Our Leadership is a perfect mix of Legacy and Future coupled with tremendous experience and vision.

Our Chief Advisor Mr. J A Chowdary, has the credits of establishing STPI as the Founder, Chairman and the Chief Architect to the most acclaimed Hi-Tech City (Hyderabad).

Our Co-Founders Satya H. Vakada, Usha Sripathineni and AnjuSwetha Jakkampudi derive extreme industrial and research experience coupled with great vision, passion and commitment towards the society and the cultured professionals.

Our Founding Advisory and Think Tank consists of great professionals and personalities from various Industries and Formats. Their contributions to the industry, government and society are highly acclaimed and rewarded.

We are blessed to have teens and youngsters with disruptive minds join us from day one to give a perfect shape and soul to the campus and its labs.

SOIL Campus is a result of all these great minds coming together and carving a new and disruptive learning ecosystem that can CREATE a new big economy, employment and experiences to the world.

Above all, a safer, healthier and peaceful GREEN PLANET is a part of our guiding philosophy at every instance of this journey.

Come, Let's dive into the journey into Future and co-create a pleasant DIGITAL CENTURY.




Every lab at SOIL is a workspace where you get to work with the global subject matter experts and solve the problems, small-to-big.

Industry and Society is always over flooded with Problems, Requirements, Needs and Gaps. They need solutions to the never ending Problems. Understand what it takes to CREATE Products, Services and Ventures.

Master the art of Designing and Delivering the Solutions.

Be those Problem Solvers - Bright Career awaits you.

Get your hands Dirty.





" 200,000 Digital Creators by 2030. "

" Cultivating Disruptive Innovators & Leaders "




" 200,000 Hi-Value Talent by 2030. "

" Cultivating Disruptive Innovators & Leaders "