Our Vision
Creating a Futuristic "Create-to-Learn" Innovation Ecosystem for Mid & High Schoolers
Our Mission
Cultivate 100k Generation "Alpha-Z" Innovation Leaders for Global Problem Solving
Our Objective
21st Century Life is described as a
Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

We understand the dire need to Create Innovative Leaders
who can steer this VUCA Century with Confidence, Clarity & Commitment.
21st Century Life is described as a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) World.

We understand the dire need to Create Innovative Leaders who can steer this VUCA Century with Confidence, Clarity & Commitment.
About SOIL

SOIL Campus, a Neo-Gen After School Campus for Mid & High-Schoolers for the 21st Century.

SOIL promotes “ Learning by Problem Solving ”and designed a revolutionary 6D aka Hexathon Educational Model in-line with theIndustry 4.0 & beyond.

We are building a Deep-Tech powered Global Problem Solving Hub for the 21st Century Children, who are Born Digital and Highly Ambitious by Nature.

HRD and R&D go hand-in-hand at SOIL campus.

SOIL Campus thus cultivates "Design and Deep-Tech" Talent, Solutions and Leaders.

‘Create as if Nothing Existed Before’ - Our Philosophy

Our Create-to-Learn, Work-to-Learn streams reflect our philosophy by re-imagining and re-creating powerful Learning Experiences for the neo-generations who are termed digital natives.

SOIL - PUPS (Pre-University Problem Solvers)- is our flagship program for aspiring Innovators, Problem Solvers, Startup Founders and Global Leaders - who plan to solve the Global Problems at Scale starting from their Mid & High School Age.



Our Founder
Mr. Srikanth Talluri ( Founder, Chairman)

Srikanth Talluri

Founder, Chairman

Mr. Srikanth Talluri, recognised as the Top 100 Educational Leaders 2020-21 by GFEL, USA - has been acclaimed and awarded on the International front for his Transformational 6D Educational Model, 6D Problem Solving Framework, 6D Pedagogy and 6D Curriculum Design for the 21st Century VUCA Careers and Life.

SOIL Campus, a Neo-Gen Varsity in making for the VUCA World is the Brainchild of Mr. Srikanth Talluri - has been launched as World’s First Gen Z Cloud Campus in 2020.

Create-to-Learn, Learn-to-Earn and Work-to-Learn are applauded to be game changing learning models in the post-pandemic era.

His Mission 200 Startups, strong push towards ‘Venture Based Learning’ aka ‘Learning by Problem Solving’ are widely popular.

He believes that Invention and Innovation mindset has to be a part of our young minds and has to be embedded into the DNA and 6D aka Hexathon is that stem cell which can weave this DNA, thus enabling rapid learning and industry readiness for the Digital and AI dominated era we are stepping into.

100 Top Leaders
in Education 2020-21
Our Story

SOIL is the brainchild concept of  Mr. Srikanth Talluri (Founder) who always wanted to get involved in such an ecosystem in his teens where he can try, experiment, fail, struggle and push his ideas into the world.

Our Leadership is a perfect mix of Legacy and Future coupled with tremendous experience and vision.

Our Chief Advisor Mr. J A Chowdary has the credits of establishing STPI as the Founder, Chairman and the Chief Architect to the most acclaimed Hi-Tech City (Hyderabad).

Our Co-Founders Satya H. Vakada, Usha Sripathineni and Anju Swetha Jakkampudi derive extreme industrial and research experience coupled with great vision, passion and commitment towards the society and the cultured professionals.

Our Founding Advisory and Think Tank consists of great professionals and personalities from various Industries and Formats. Their contributions to the industry, government and society are highly acclaimed and rewarded.

We are blessed to have teens and youngsters with disruptive minds join us from day one to give a perfect shape and soul to the campus and its labs.

SOIL Campus is a result of all these great minds coming together and carving a new and disruptive learning ecosystem that can CREATE a new big economy, employment and experiences to the world.

Above all, a safer, healthier and peaceful GREEN PLANET is a part of our guiding philosophy at every instance of this journey.

Come, Let's dive into the journey into Future and co-create a pleasant DIGITAL CENTURY.



Srikanth Talluri


Srikanth Talluri

Anju Swetha J.


Anju Swetha J.

Satya H. Vakada


Satya H. Vakada

Usha S.


Usha Sripathineni

Founding Advisory

JA Chowdary

Mr. JA Chowdary

Dr.Balaji Utla

Dr. Balaji Utla

Raja Vaddiparti

Mr. Raja Vaddiparti

GenZ Counsel

Shreya C.

Shreya C.

Harshitha C.

Harshitha C.

Shanker T.

Shanker T.

Sai Kiran S.

Sai Kiran S.

Sai Kiran S.

Sravani B.

Problem Solvers

Haritha K

Sudhakar Kaduru

Gopi Kalathur

Yateendra S Puvvada

Sai Kiran S.

Venkata S. Vishnubhotla

Madhu Vadlamani

Sai Kiran S.

Kiran Yella

Sai Kiran S.

Uma Kotturu