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SOIL Vision

Cultivating Tomorrow's Competent Leaders Through Today's Problem-Solving

SOIL Mission

"At our under-16 Innovation and Leadership School, our mission is to:

  • Cultivate leadership qualities through hands-on problem-solving.

  • Inspire a mindset of innovation and adaptability.

  • Create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

  • Implant 6D.Thinking, a Meta-Cognitive framework for Life-long Learning.

  • Equip students with the problem-solving skills needed for today's challenges.

  • Foster a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the present and future.

  • Guide students on a transformative journey, shaping them into ethical and visionary leaders.

Our mission is to prepare the leaders of tomorrow by nurturing problem solvers and critical thinkers who are ready to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges."

Founder Chairman

Mr. Srikanth Talluri

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Mr. Srikanth Talluri

Mr. Srikanth Talluri, recognized as the Top 100 Educational Leaders 2020-21 by GFEL, USA - has been acclaimed and awarded on the International front for his Transformational Shanmukha Platform which includes - 6D Educational Model, 6D Problem Solving Framework, 6D Pedagogy, and 6D Curriculum Design for the 21st Century VUCA Careers and Life.

His vision to re-establish Bharat as the Global Education Hub and Leader by 2047 has led to the inception of SOIL - School of Innovation and Leadership, a Neo-Gen Model Institution aka Varsity in making for the VUCA World.

‍Over 1200 High Schoolers, Undergraduate & Graduate Students, Working Professionals, Professors and Researchers have benefitted and evolved as the “6D Problem Solvers” through the “6D Lab” participation at SOIL between 2020-2023.

“6D Thinking @ SOIL” has attracted the participants from the top notch global institutions like Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, University of Cardiff, University of Singapore, IITs, IIITs, BITS, BML Munjal, NITs, IIMs, NMIMS and Tier 2 institutions across India.

“Learning by Real Problem Solving” is his Mantra.

Mr. Srikanth is relentlessly striving towards the Curriculum Design focused on “Global Problem Solving” to take the main-stage in this 21st century. He has experimented this over the last 3 years and now stepping towards establishing a model-institution which is designed around “Global Problem Solving” at Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.

His efforts to establish an institution in the lines of Stanford, Harvard and MIT on the Indian soil is highly appreciated and backed by top Industry Leaders, Innovation Leaders and the Academic Institutional Heads.

The Digital, Quantum and AI dominated era we have officially stepped into demands a Meta-Cognitive Learning. “6D aka Shanmukha Vidya” is the way forward.


Srikanth Talluri

Our Guiding Force

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