IG Contest - Winter '2023

Submission Guidelines

Failure to meet the guidelines will result in disqualification.

  • Please refrain from using any discriminatory, inappropriate, abusive and hateful content (text, audio, video, images etc.)
  • We encourage participants to come up with a Instagram Story Template of their choice i.e, original or existing templates from the Instagram.
  • However the content should fall within the specified topics for the season of participation. Click Here.
  • Tag
  • Description of your submissions must include.
#aijstorycontest, #6deducation, #askanjlee

Submission Deadline

  • 15th March 2023, Wednesday

Season 1 Topics ( Jan to Mar 2023 )

Winner Will be Announced On

  • 26th March 2023, Sunday
  • Stay tuned for the Meeting Coordinates


  • Top 5 Stories will receive a cash reward of USD 100 each.

IG Contest - Spring, Summer & Fall 2023

Stay tuned for the guidelines of the contest for coming seasons.

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