6D Education – Creating Meta Cognitive Talent

he world today has a wide classification of student community built around Marks, Ranks and being a Topper in the exams. Let’s discuss Today’s Education? Relevancy to the 21st Century? Creating Meta-Cognitive Talent and SOIL

Student Classification:

90% – 99% or 100% – a Topper
Get 70%, a Distinction Student
60% and above, First Class Student
50–59.99% - Second Class Student
40 – 49.99% – Third Class Student
Below 40% – You are a Failure, so re-take an academic year.

All these categories- for what? Industry Readiness? To create Real Problem Solvers? 🤔

In few countries, this story revolves around GPAs on a scale of 1–4 or 1–10.

I am confident this tradition and model of education will continue for a decade or more.

Education – Current State

What is this big chain of Academic Year, Classrooms, Lectures, Assignments, Exams, Marks, Grades, Ranks and Toppers – ALL about?

Simply put, Packaging, Transfer, Absorption, Digestion, Storage, Retrieval & Use of Information and Knowledge about the Universe, Planet, People, Process, Systems, Architecture, Material and Languages for Human & Machine interactions.

Hence the subjects like History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, Bio Systems, Physical Systems , Digital Systems , Human & Machine Languages are packaged into the syllabus and delivered @ the plethora of schools & campuses worldwide.

All these targeted towards cultivating minds who can either Create or Run the World in formats like Government, Industry, Academia, Research, Not-for-Profits etc in various roles and responsibilities performing PROBLEM SOLVING at scale.

Schools vs Restaurants

Like how every restaurant has a table-based or self-service mode of serving it’s customers, similarly each school follows the pedagogy set by its super body aka Accreditation Organisation (UGC, AICTE, CBSE, Cambridge, Stanford etc)

  • Theory + Practical + Exam (20th century legacy)
  • Kinaesthetic Learning
  • Audio-Visual Learning + Exam + Activity
  • Experiential Learning
  • etc…
Curriculum is the brain food prepared and served to every child, teen and young student across the world at these outlets aka campuses.

Educational Franchise Model

A super body driven by government or a private entity shall Create Pedagogy, Curriculum (Programs, Courses & Syllabi) relevant to the times and package them for delivery through Teaching aka Learning outlets.

The Super Body (Governing Institution) shall work with the Nodal Delivery Centres (Universities), which in turn will work with affiliated Learning Outlets (Colleges & Schools).

This is similar to a food chain or restaurant like Subway or Pizza Hut having Head Quarters & Zonal Offices across the country with Retail Outlets delivering the actual services to the customers.

Industry & Student Appetite

Like how each individual has a different appetite, taste & preferences to eat, similarly each company, industry & student (future workforce) has their own appetite to absorb, digest and retrieve the knowledge, skills & competence acquired from these schools & degree programs.

The Thali model (fixed food menu) of serving the Brain Food with standard syllabus, subjects and exams has been in place since last 100 years or more. This has been creating a homogeneous breed of Problem Solvers who can Think, Act and Orchestrate within their Jobs & Roles in a similar fashion. This worked well for 1900 – 1990s Industrial workforce needs.

Later, Institutions & Programs which followed American Buffet Model (pick your choice per need) had introduced the heterogeneous model of creating variety of Problem Solvers, but limited to few disciplines.(100 – 200 max) which is good between 1990s- 2020.

21st Century - VUCA – EDU Transformation

The world is now moving and transforming at such a rapid pace and being termed as VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

We are anticipating 1000s of new Industry & Academic Disciplines emerging in this century.

This is the Real Problem that Global Educational Institutions should First Solve for themselves.

They are no immune to the VUCA effect.

Cross-Domain, Cross-Industry, Multi-Disciplinary Convergence is happening at an unprecedented pace.

A Learning Framework that satisfies this Extreme Industry Appetite is a big booster to this century’s most happening Industrial Revolutions 4.0 & 5.0

Heterogeneous Education with Ultra-Modular Structuring, where Student, Workforce and Industry have the transparency and freedom to Involve and Customise the Programs per their Learning Needs – is the need of the hour solution to the VUCA World.

The Mongolian Barbecue

The Mongolian Barbecue Model is unique and ultra customisable to each and every customer needs, taste and choices.

There is a kitchen, There is raw material, Customer picks the combination of their choice, Chef prepares the dish and Serves per the individual needs of each customer.

There is a need for such an Ultra-Modular Educational Model to be in action which lets every student Explore, Experiment and Excel in this VUCA world without the fear of survival & failure.

SOIL – Transformation Begins

SOIL – School of Innovation and Leadership is born with the 6D DNA and a Strong Commitment to play a vital role in Transforming the Global Educational Landscape for the 21st Century.

SOIL is proudly taking the leadership for this global change aka Problem Solving Efforts.

An ultra-modular educational platform creating future enablers is the need of the hour.

We at SOIL are working towards a ‘Global Problem Solving’ based Educational Platform.

Our 6D Pedagogy is inspired from the Mongolian Barbecue Framework which lets every Discipline & Disciple customise a program that reflects their Niche needs and demands.

Every program that has been carved, prepared out of this framework so far are proving their stance and superiority in creating the talent rapidly for the VUCA economies.

Careers of 21st century need a new outlook.

This century needs Millions of Creators, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Super Problem Solvers who are going to be the Economy Creators, Job Creators, and the Super Orchestrators.

SOIL is committed to cultivate such a talent through our 6D Pedagogy driven Programs, Courses and Hexathons.

We are making a WAR.. NOT War with the changing times.

Not Marks, Not Grades, Not Ranks create such a Meta-Talent Pool.

“Learning by Problem Solving” is the new model SOIL advocates for the 21st Century.

‘Create-to-Learn’ is the Mantra

SOIL 3.0 Keynote

We have experimented the model over the last 3 years with 300+ global participants in various formats and programs – failed, refined, evolved and arriving with matured meat and muscle - SOIL 3.0 version.

The Ed-Streams that are being offered for version 3.0 of our virtual cloud campus.

Create-to Learn

SOIL Partner Program?

SOIL shall be the super body Creating the 6D Pedagogy driven Curriculum.

We are happy to Partner with the industry & academia who are willing to participate in the journey which is highly digital, experimental and futuristic in nature.

Let’s co-create the Future !!!