My GenZ Editorship Experience

eing a changemaker intern at the AI Journal for more than a year, has propelled me to explore, design, and contribute to a number of stories surrounding the impact of AI.

This has provided me with the opportunity to help people create work that builds on concepts surrounding AI and its integration in a number of industries. Throughout my time here, each article has allowed me to discover another, new, part of the expanding area that AI affects. However my most vivid and important experience was working together with the authors and editors who have helped me improve my ability to work in a team atmosphere while being supportive when required.

I recall prior to joining the AI Journal, being introduced to Artificial Intelligence that has the potential to alter companies’ potential to research, analyze, and produce a dedicated team of writers, being able to deepen my understanding and interest in AI and its potential to change companies.

Throughout my experience , I have written 2 articles, including Autonomous Vehicles and AI in Sports; I have edited numerous articles as an editor of the Journal, working with creators and writers to produce new articles for the AI Journal; and have narrated,  and provided creative contributions to the AI Journal’s comic strips.

Whatever walk of life you are in - especially if you are GenZ (10th grader - college goer), looking to enhance your storytelling ability through writing articles, learning research methods, work alongside industry experts and learn from their experience - Come, reach out to our team and a part of AIJ 2.0!