Policy Making


About the job

Discover, Define, Design, Derive and Develop Policies for the New age Enterprises.

As a Policy Intern, you'll be responsible for understanding the core structure of the Enterprise and carve the required Policies for the Innovative and new age Businesses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • 6-8 hours of participation every day is mandatory
  • Open to learn.
  • Collaborative mindset with Critical Thinking approach.
  • Collaborate with different departments to understand company needs and devise possible Policies.

Job Requirements

  • Understand the Business requirements.
  • Get into the shoes of each actor governing the Business Policy and understanding their Policy Need.
  • In this era of Global exchange of knowledge, talent and trade, the Intern will be responsible to bring this aspect of policy making.
  • Document the Policies and share it with the responsible stakeholders.

Soft Skills

  • Problem solving attitude
  • Interest for innovation, technologies, startups and entrepreneurship
  • Rapid Learning and Implementation
  • Honest and Respectful


  • Good writing skills
  • Global Exposure
  • EQ & EI
  • Self-Planning and Organization skills
  • Communication Skills


  • 3 months, Full Time (40 Hours/Week)
  • 3 months, Part Time (20 Hours/Week)


  • NA / Voluntary
  • UnPaid (None of the Internship roles at IN-CUBE are paid. We consider these programs as Value Exchange Programs. Please make sure you consider this aspect for decision making before applying for the role.)

On Completion

On Successful completion of the internship the intern will gain the following.

  • Experience Letter.
  • Hiring References for best performers.
  • Certificate.

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