About this Position

For all high-school or college students this opportunity awaits you. Author simplified stories on Artificial Intelligence and their applications, implications, and impact on our lives all over. An after-school & after-college Internship as Storyteller at SOIL | AIJ.

Week 1 : Orientation and Story Allotment

Week 2 : Initial Draft Submission

Week 3 : Story Curation

Week 4 : Story Submission

Connects : Weekly 2hrs on Sat/Sun.

Total Work Effort – 40hrs


  • Mentorship from SOIL Leadership.
  • Mentorship from AI Journal #Editorial Team.
  • Reflective Writing, Concept Mapping.
  • Meta-Cognitive Learning Skills like Thinking Aloud & Note-taking, Broader Conceptual Framework.
  • Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking.
  • Critical Thinking - Focused, Analysis, Analyzing, Arguing, Evaluating.
  • EQ & EI
  • Global Exposure
  • Self-Planning and Organization skills


  • 1 Month (min)


  • NA / Voluntary
  • UnPaid (None of the Internship roles at IN-CUBE are paid. We consider these programs as Value Exchange Programs. Please make sure you consider this aspect for decision making before applying for the role.)

On Completion

On Successful completion of the Internship the intern will gain the following.

  • SOIL Certified Story-Teller Certificate
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