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GPS | Global Problem Solvers


Our flagship SOIL GPS program at SOIL has been designed for the pandemic hit world, where the industry, education, governments and life as a whole has been put into a reset mode, leaving the world with millions of new mysterious problems, gaps, needs and life requirements.

Solving the world problems needs a multi-disciplinary skillset and competence to integrate these disciplines into a consumable solution. A Problem Solver emerges by rigorous practice and perseverance.

SOIL GPS is delivered in '6D Thinking & Problem-Solving Pedagogy' that casts an individual into a tough and large scale problem solver aka global innovation leader in a 12 month, 4 quarter, 7 courses, and 1440 hours of Lab Exercises.

Evolve and Emerge as a Global Problem Solver by creating solutions to the Real World-Problems. Jump Start a Highly Rewarding Career in the Corporates, Government, International Organizations and Startups of scale.

Who can Apply?
  • Age Groups 18 years & above (no upper age limit)

  • Professionals Planning a Sabbatical in the Job/Career

  • Applicants seeking Graduate Studies, Research Oriented Programs (Ph.D)

  • Startup Founders and Teams

  • Gig and Freelancing Job Aspirants

  • Dropouts with Disruptive Mindset

  • Government Job Aspirants in any Territory

  • Social Volunteers and NGO Workers

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students

GPS Lab Tracks



Global Education System

with Technology


Generative AI based

Global Solutions


Future of


And Transactions

climate change

Possible Solutions for

Planet Positive

Program Structure

Season 1

12 weeks

Discover & Define

Courses & Lectures

  • Global Problem-Solving Mindset

  • 6D Thinking

6D Lab

  • Market Research to Identify Requirements, Needs, Gaps, and Friction.

  • Create Structured and Un-Structured Empathy Data pools.

  • Extract the Pulp from the above data and Observations.

  • Create Problem Statements

Season 2

12 weeks


Courses & Lectures

  • Designing Innovative Products and Solutions

  • Business Modeling

  • 6D Thinking


6D Lab

  • Create a Conceptual Solution - Product or Service

  • Identify relevant Process, Flows, Rules.

  • Weave the Envisioned Solution combining all the above.

  • Create a Low-Fidelity Prototype

Season 3

12 weeks

Derive & Develop

Courses & Lectures

  • Product Management

  • Technology Architecture

  • 6D Thinking


6D Lab

  • Identify the Tech, Non-Tech, Human and Financial Building Blocks relevant to the solution.

  • Create the Architecture and Execution Plan

  • Develop the Solution Prototype V1.0

Season 4

12 weeks

Develop & Deliver

Courses & Lectures

  • Storytelling and Marketing Innovation

  • 6D Thinking


6D Lab

  • Continue Development of Solution Prototype V1.0.

  • Plan and Execute the Launch Strategies.

  • Generate Feedback.

  • Repeat Iteration D1 to D6 as applicable.



  • Accepted participants have to complete all 4 Seasons aka Quarters in order to qualify for the program completion certificate.

  • A minimum of 30 hours of commitment is required from each participant toward attending the GPS lectures, discussions, hexathons, and assignments.

6D Lab Tracks

  • The participant will have to pick only one of the available 6D lab tracks.

  • Available Tracks - Ed-Tech, Fin-Tech, GPT, Climate Change


  • Course created and taught by Top Minds and CXO's in the Industry.

Mode of Delivery

  • Online - Live - Instructor-led

Program Intake


  • Monthly Intake


Seats for the SOIL 4.0: June 2023 - May 2024

  • 20

Start Dates

  • 1st Sunday of Every Month

Program Highlights




lab tracks






lab hours

  • SOIL GPS Completion Certificate.

  • Experience Letter for all participants.

  • Recommendation Letter for Top Performers.

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I joined SOIL GPS 1.0 when I was 16, today I am doing my undergraduate at Cornell University with 100% Scholarship. Ask Anjlee Project changed my life forever.

- Harshitha

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