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IPL | Innovation Purpose Leadership

Unlock Your Potential in Innovation, Purpose, and Leadership.

Welcome to the IPL Program at SOIL 4.0 – a transformative learning experience designed to empower young minds with the skills and mindset necessary for a future driven by innovation and purpose.

About the Program

At SOIL 4.0, we believe that true education goes beyond textbooks. Our IPL program is a dynamic platform where students embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and leadership. Here's what sets our program apart:

What You'll Learn?

In the IPL (Innovation, Purpose & Leadership) program, students will gain a comprehensive set of skills and concepts, including:

- 6D.Thinking

​​Our proprietary game-based meta-cognitive learning framework that enables action-packed learning through problem-solving exercises.

- Sensing, Analyzing, and Forming Insights (S.A.I.)
Enhance your decision-making abilities through data analysis
- Leadership in Action
Instill leadership qualities and apply leadership skills in real-world situations.
- Holistic Thinking
Approach challenges from a holistic perspective, considering various factors and stakeholders in your problem-solving processes.
- Project Communication & Collaboration
Develop effective communication and collaboration skills within the context of project work.
- Documentation Skills
Learn to document processes and findings effectively.
ChatGPT Skills
Gain proficiency in using AI-driven chatbots or conversational AI tools, which can be valuable in various learning endeavours.
Purpose-Based Learning
Understand the importance of purpose in your studies and life, and align your actions with meaningful goals.

Connect with industry experts, leaders, CXOs, and futuristic thinkers from around the world. Our mentors offer invaluable insights and guidance through in-person and virtual sessions.

 IPL Program Structure
IPL - Starter

Levels 1 & 2

6 Months

Key Focus

Fundamentals of Innovation, Purpose-driven Leadership


Build a strong foundation in innovation, teamwork & leadership skills

SOIL IPL Starter Certificate

IPL - Explorer

Levels 3 & 4

6 Months

Key Focus

Advanced Problem Solving, Innovative Solutions Implementation


Develop advanced problem-solving and Innovation implementation skills

SOIL IPL Explorer Certificate

IPL - Trailblazer

Level 5

3 Months

Key Focus

Leadership in Action, Strategic Leadership


Apply leadership and innovation in complex real-world scenarios

SOIL IPL Trailblazer Certificate

- Levels 1 to 5 Progression
  • Level 1: Foundation with concept introductions and studio-based problem-solving

  • Levels 2 to 5: Mix of studio and field-based problem-solving efforts

  • Progression through a structured curriculum

  • Practical experience gained at each level

  • Introduction to various problem landscapes at each level

  • Emphasis on "Learning over Problem Solving" journey.

  • Varying complexities in problem-solving at different levels

  • Documentation of learning outcomes

  • Presentation of solutions at each level

- Flexible Scheduling
  • Weekend sessions accommodate your busy life.
  • Each Level is open for 3 months window.
  • The session selection can be flexible within these 3 month window.
  • Please talk to our counsellor for a detailed understanding.

- Field Trips
  • Explore real-world challenges and solutions with hands-on experiences.
  • Field Trips are relevant to each Level the participant is into.
  • Field Trips are included from Level 2 to Level 5
Admission Information
- For Ages 10 and Above
We welcome young minds eager to learn and grow.

- Admission Test

- Non-Transferable Admission
Your journey with us is personal and unique.
6D.Thinking: Action-Packed Problem Solving

Introducing our proprietary 6D.Thinking framework – a game-based meta-cognitive learning approach that takes learning to new heights through engaging problem-solving exercises.

What is 6D.Thinking?

6D.Thinking is not just a method; it's an adventure. It's about diving headfirst into real-world challenges and emerging with innovative solutions. Here's what it means for you:



Begin by identifying the core of the problem. What are you up against?



Extract insights and ideas from your analysis. What can you learn from this?



Delve deeper. What exactly are the challenges and opportunities within the problem?



Turn those insights into action. Create, experiment, and refine your solutions.



Craft a blueprint for your approach. How will you tackle this puzzle?



Present your innovative solutions to real-world problems, and watch your impact grow.

Why 6D.Thinking?

We believe in learning by doing. With 6D.Thinking, you're not just studying concepts; you're applying them in action-packed problem-solving scenarios. This hands-on approach makes learning unforgettable and equips you with skills for life.

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