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IPL | Innovation Purpose Leadership

Unlock Your Potential in Innovation, Purpose, and Leadership.

Welcome to the IPL Program at SOIL 4.0 – a transformative learning experience designed to empower young minds with the skills and mindset necessary for a future driven by innovation and purpose.

About the Program

At SOIL 4.0, we believe that true education goes beyond textbooks. Our IPL program is a dynamic platform where students embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and leadership. Here's what sets our program apart:

What You'll Learn?

In the IPL (Innovation, Purpose & Leadership) program, students will gain a comprehensive set of skills and concepts, including:

- 6D.Thinking

​​Our proprietary game-based meta-cognitive learning framework that enables action-packed learning through problem-solving exercises.

- Sensing, Analyzing, and Forming Insights (S.A.I.)
Enhance your decision-making abilities through data analysis
- Leadership in Action
Instill leadership qualities and apply leadership skills in real-world situations.
- Holistic Thinking
Approach challenges from a holistic perspective, considering various factors and stakeholders in your problem-solving processes.
- Project Communication & Collaboration
Develop effective communication and collaboration skills within the context of project work.
- Documentation Skills
Learn to document processes and findings effectively.
ChatGPT Skills
Gain proficiency in using AI-driven chatbots or conversational AI tools, which can be valuable in various learning endeavours.
Purpose-Based Learning
Understand the importance of purpose in your studies and life, and align your actions with meaningful goals.
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Connect with industry experts, leaders, CXOs, and futuristic thinkers from around the world. Our mentors offer invaluable insights and guidance through in-person and virtual sessions.

 IPL Program Structure

IPL - Starter

Levels 1 & 2 (16 hrs)

Key Focus

Fundamentals of Innovation

Purpose-driven Leadership


Build a strong foundation in innovation, teamwork & leadership skills





6 Months

SOIL IPL Starter Certificate

IPL - Explorer

Levels 3 & 4 (16 hrs)

Key Focus

Advanced Problem Solving, Innovative Solutions Implementation


Develop advanced problem-solving and Innovation implementation skills




Levels 1 & 2


6 Months

SOIL IPL Explorer Certificate

IPL - Trailblazer

Level 5 (8 hrs)

Key Focus

Leadership in Action, Strategic Leadership


Apply leadership and innovation in complex real-world scenarios