XaaS Labs

Create Next Gen GIG Work Platforms like Upwork & Fiverr. 
This comprehensive program designed to cover an entire skill track to help you take your career to the next level and make yourself ready for the future job market. Discover, Define and Design a GIG platform like UPWORK, FIVERR.

Lab Starts on
8th Nov 2020

Enroll by
15th Nov 2020

12 Weeks

₹ 25000 + GST

High School &

Start Date: 8th Nov 2020
Enroll by 15th Nov 2020

Duration: 12 Weeks

Cost: ₹ 25000 + GST.


  • 21 Mentor Connects.

  • 3 CxO Industry Connects.

  • 12 Individual Team Activities (weekly one)

  • 24/7 Access to SOIL Campus for 12 weeks.

  • 2000+ Course Videos.


  • Collaborative Work Experience

  • Skills and competence

  • Comprehensive Learning of Product Design, Development and Delivery.

  • Hands-on Experience

  • CxO mentorship and Guidance

  • Career Calrity.



Exclusive for 13 to 21 years.


  1. Commitment & Passion.

  2. To extract the best value out of this program, make use of the course videos and material.

  3. A willingness to learn through hands-on practices.

  4. Explore, Learn, Adapt and contribute in a Collaborative environment.

  5. Access to a Personal Computer with a stable Internet connection.

  6. Active participation in Mentor and CxO Industry Connects.

  7. At Least 10 hrs/week of mandatory time commitment towards SOIL.

  8. Participate in Weekly Individual/Team Activities.

  9. Conduct yourself in a manner in accordance with the rules and regulations put forth by SOIL Campus to uphold the spirit of the program.


  1. Mandatory Submission of 12/12 Weekly Team/Individual Assignments.

  2. Mandatory attendance in at least 22/24 live Mentor and CxO Industry Connects

  3. Viewing the recording only is not accepted as attendance.

  4. Submit Weekly Team/Individual Assignments.

  5. Submit a Presentation on how you applied what you learned: for each phase

    1. Key Challenges & Issues

    2. Problem Solved & Value Propositions

  6. Proof of Concept / Prototype submission at the End of the Program.


  1. Please note that zoom will report attendance. (Last Name, First Name) - should be entered in the chat to register your attendance.

  2. Please Mute Your Audio (unless asking a question or instructed by mentor)

  3. All sessions will be live over the web via zoom.com - 

  4. Code of Conduct laid by SOIL Campus must be adhered by all applicants or students.