SOIL 3.0 Annual Meet

Digital Transformation
(DX 2030)

From Cloud to Metaverse

Date : 18th JUNE 2022

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SOIL 3.0 Annual Meet

Digital Transformation (DX 2030)

Change is the new constant of the 21st Century. Digital Transformation has been happening since last 3-4 decades. So what's new in this decade???

AI being the new DNA of this Change aka Transformation that every Nation, Government, Industry, Company and Organization is planning and undergoing. Let's discuss what Digital Transformation exactly means for this decade and beyond.
  • How investments are being planned in this direction.
  • Opportunities in terms of Business and Careers.
  • Post-Pandemic Rush towards DX.
  • How to Prepare and Grab these Opportunities.
  • Mr. Srikanth Talluri
    Founder Chairman, IN-CUBE | SOIL
    Awarded Top 100 Education Leaders 2020-21 ~ GFEL
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