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Design & Deep-Tech Innovation journey program for GenZs of age group 13 - 19 yrs Only.

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JA Chowdary

Why SOIL - Global Gen Z Think Tank

As an Organic Farmer I understood why right Ecosystem is required for the plants to grow and produce “Required Fruits“ to the society. Now we are in a similar situation. If we expect the current Gen Z kids to do good for the society we have to enable Right Environment & Ecosystem, in the absence of which they all may become LIABILITY to the Society.


We are going through the most Toughest Transition times of this Century. VUCA World & the Era of Disruptions. These two got Full support from COVID which is going to create an unprecedented transformation and kill most of the Current Models and Processes.

Conventional Thinking will Die. We need Out of the Box Thinkers and Innovators to Challenge the above situation. That means , we need to bring DISRUPTIVE REFORMS in every Vertical.

Agriculture & Plant Ecosystem and How it is impacting the Farmers and Society:

Soil: We need Fertile land. We need to enrich right soils ( mostly from the dried up village tanks) + red soil from other locations. We have to add cow dung ++ into the soil. We have to introduce earth worms (through Vermi Compost)


Seeds: We need to go for unadulterated seeds (which have to be treated ) before sowing them in Soil.


Water: We need right quantities (not more not less) at right times near the roots of the plants only.


Environment: Right environment around the plants: It is similar to “Sajjana Sangathyam” in our scriptures.


Effort: We have to remove the grass (we have to remove bad friends and bad digital devices around children). We have to bring right plants , earth worms, good bacteria, etc. to support the plants. Good Friends, Mentors & Parents (who spends more time for guiding kids)


Fertilizers: Good fertilizer is very important for plant to grow (instead of dumping all unnecessary chemical fertilizers. Use natural fertilizers, cow urine, cow dung, vermi compost, vegetable waste etc.


Plants Pruning: Farmer has to adapt a continuous process of pruning the plants, removing (cutting) all unnecessary branches to enable the plants to grow.

Farmer as a Big Mentor for the Plants: Farmer has to continuously interact with all the plants. PEOPLE SAY “A farmer has to talk to the plants everyday" ( Jagadish Chandra Bose has proved this long ago).


Pesticides: Do not apply chemical pesticides which kills the entire ecosystem around plants (including the earth worms). Use plant friendly natural pesticides.

Grow Organically.

We need all these to allow Gen Z kids to Collaborate and Co-Create the New World altogether in the Post COVID life.

- JA Chowdary