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Conversational UX Design

Part Time Position

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

About Internship

  • SOIL intakes enthusiastic, passionate and committed individuals from Universities and Corporates who are willing to involve themselves in our labs for discovering and creating the applied AI Xperience and Knowledge.

  • We consider them as Value Exchange Programs. So IN-CUBE | SOIL does NOT offer any paid internships. Hence applicant(s) are requested to consider the voluntary commitment before applying to the role(s).

Role Description - Conversational UX Designer:

The job of a Conversational UX Designer is to do extensive research on human-human  interactions, conversations, transactions in specified scenarios and design the digital interface, conversational flow(s), simulate them, and obtain customer feedback for refinement.

What Qualifies you to be here :

  • Creativity to the core - thinking, acting and implementing Out-of-Box

  • Innovative ways of empathising

  • Inquisitive nature, no compromise mentality, attention to detail

  • Respect to time and commitment

  • Quick Learning about the industry, business, process and policy

  • Decent understanding on either or both Business and Technology Architectural Models

  • A prior experience in conversational ux design with chat and voice bots (not mandatory)

  • Good to Excellent Speaking and Writing Skills in English


Your Takeaways:

  • Gap finding, Requirement(s) gathering and analysis

  • Formulating a Product Strategy

  • Translating the requirements to team members

  • Creating quick Prototypes based on the requirements

  • Rapid Testing and Refinement of the Prototypes


Expectations from an Intern:

  • 6-8 hours participation every day is mandatory

  • Respect Lab and Product Confidentiality

  • Discipline and Dedication towards the Work

  • Respect towards fellow Team Members

  • Adherence to Organisational Policies


  • 2 months, Part Time (30 Hours/Week)


  • NA / Voluntary

On Completion:

On Successful completion of the internship the intern will gain the following.

  • Experience Letter

  • Certificate

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